Kantara’s Famous song ‘Varaha Roopam’ is Now Again comeback To See Video

Kantara Song Varaha Roopam
Kantara Song Varaha Roopam

It’s finally here! After months of anticipation, Kantara’s popular song ‘Varaha Roopam’ is back on your playlist. This song has been a fan favorite since its release, and now it’s back with a new twist.

The song is a beautiful blend of traditional Carnatic music and modern electronic beats. It features the vocals of renowned Carnatic vocalist, Kantara, and the music is composed by the talented duo of Srinivas and Suresh. The song is a tribute to Lord Vishnu, and it tells the story of his incarnation as Varaha, the boar.

The song starts off with a slow, melodic introduction that builds up to a powerful chorus. The chorus is a catchy mix of traditional Carnatic music and modern electronic beats. The song then transitions into a more upbeat section, with a catchy hook and a driving beat.

The song is a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of both genres. The song is sure to be a hit on the radio, and it’s sure to be a favorite on your playlist. So, what are you waiting for? Get ‘Varaha Roopam’ back on your playlist today!

Recently, Kantara’s well-known song, “Varaha Roopam,” was chosen for a re-release. It has been one of the most beloved of the artist’s works since its original release in 2019.

This unique song is a tribute to Lord Vishnu and celebrates his immense power. It tells of how Lord Vishnu takes on the form of a boar (varaha) in order to save the earth from an impending flood.

The captivating music, composed by Anil Mohan, along with Kantara’s powerful vocals, make this song a truly enchanting experience. The lyrics, also composed by Anil, relate to every listener in its call for spiritual salvation and hope.

The re-release of “Varaha Roopam” is a reminder of how music can unite and unite the power of the divine. It has long been popular among Hindu devotees, and its recent revival has been welcomed by many.

The visuals of the song are also stunning, featuring several dancers dressed as Lord Vishnu performing traditional Indian dance moves, set in the backdrop of lush meadows and waterfalls.

Overall, the song is a timeless classic and its re-release has been extremely well-received. It is a reminder that good music can transcend any boundaries of time, place and culture.

Those interested in taking a look at this beautiful song can do so easily on various streaming platforms, or watch it for free on YouTube.


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