Flight Cancellation Refund Rules: Know all refund rules if you get flight cancellation? check new rules


Cancellation of a flight and refund: Fog in cold weather can make travel unsafe. Both from the perspective of an accident, and also the possibility of getting lost. There is heavy fog in many areas of the country right now. Every day, the airport administration claims that low visibility allows for landing and takeoff.

The result is that, even after 10 rounds at the airport there is not enough visibility to land the plane, so the airline companies must drop hundreds of passengers off at another location. Many flights are cancelled and many fly late because of this situation.

If your flight is cancelled and you decide not to fly on the alternate flight offered by the airline, the airline will refund the fare. The Airline CAR Section 3 Series M Part 2 covers the refund of fare.

This will allow you to get your full refund. If the airline cancels your flight and you still wish to travel, it will be responsible to arrange alternate arrangements. This means that you will be seated on the next flight.

The airline will take care of your food and drinks if you tell the airport to wait for an alternative flight. If you are denied alternative travel arrangements by the airline, then you won’t be eligible for any refund.

You have a flight ticket that has been confirmed and you are at the airport in the time allowed before departure. The airline may offer you facilities if you are willing to give up your seat. As per consumerhelpline.gov.in the information regarding refunds already told by airlines at time of booking any plane ticket to avoid further confusion.