Fix 0xC00007b: The Application was unable to start correctly


You most likely ran over this mistake, “The Application couldn’t begin accurately. Snap OK to close the Application. This mistake message passed on is with this unusual alphanumeric multi-digit number 0xc00007b. Well, it is incomprehensible for any layman to unravel this blunder code and illuminate it on his/her own. Also, that is the explanation this bit by bit control is distributed so as to help towards the arrangements of this blunder and assisting with beginning the program/application/Game (GTA 5) you are attempting to run.

This mistake isn’t confined to the extent of Windows 10 just, however it has given its appearance in an assortment of its forms like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP. This blunder allegedly discovered charming for some applications and projects. As a matter of first importance, let us peep into the establishment of this blunder by looking at the indications and reasons relating to this mistake.


These are a portion of the side effects of this issue on the off chance that you could relate with one of your issues.

  • The dynamic program window crashes and”Error 0xC00007B” springs up.
  • Visit accidents of PC with Error 0xC00007B when running a similar program.
  • “Adobe Dreamweaver Error 0Xc00007B”.
  • During establishment of a specific Software like Adobe Dream Weaver.
  • Languid Window reactions distinguished by postponed mouse and console yields on the support.
  • PC intermittently “freezes” for a couple of moments one after another.

Update: 0xC00007B is likewise caused while playing GTA V and we can see numerous new individuals searching for approaches to fix 0xC00007B on GTA 5.


Runtime Errors, for example, “Mistake 0xC00007B” is a Runtime Error that can be brought about by an assortment of specialists, investigating every one of the potential explanation guarantees that this blunder won’t strike back once more.

Bit design inconsistency implies when you are attempting to run a 32-piece program on a 64-piece engineering based machine or the other way around.

  • Deficient establishment or degenerate download of the Application.
  • Debasement in Windows Registry passages.
  • Infection or malware contamination.
  • A second Conflicting Program upsetting your program from propelling.

Along these lines, here are straightforward approaches to fix 0xC00007b blunder.

Technique 1: BASIC FIXES

Here are some fundamental fixes you should attempt before continuing with the following strategies. These essential investigating tips may bring you out of this 0xc00007b Runtime error without doing a lot.


Some of the time these runtime blunders simply evaporate by rebooting your PC ones or an on numerous occasions. Attempt this to resolve 0xc00007b blunder.


Running your application as an Administrator guarantees that you are giving full Administrator Privileges to the application to run. To run your Program as an Admin, Right-click the program symbol and select Run as Administrator from the rundown. Check whether this strategy works for you.


On the off chance that there are degenerate records related with the program envelope. Re-introducing the program may guarantee that a new cluster of documents with no debasement will be stacked and this time won’t cause the mistake.


The highest explanation because of which this blunder would happen is the harmed framework records. In this way, for the best possible working of Windows and the applications, It is essential to reestablish absent or degenerate stores. You can utilize this free device which would consequently wrap up for you since it is dangerous to alter framework documents all alone.

I trust this one fixed your issue. If not continue to the following strategies.


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is a runtime bundle in the PC answerable for the best possible working of various programming projects. On the off chance that Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package documents are some way or another got degenerate or contaminated, it can cause the 0xc000007b mistake. For this situation, you have to reinstall this Package. To do as such:

  • Right off the bat, press the Windows key and type in “Charge Panel”. Tap open it.
  • Discover Uninstall a Program and Click it.
  • Find and Uninstall all projects in the rundown with the name of “Microsoft Visual C++ 2*** Redistributable”.
  • You can download and introduce the most recent updated Microsoft Visual C++ 2*** Redistributable package by Clicking here.

This strategy works more often than not for some clients. Attempt and check whether you can dispatch your Game/programming without getting a 0xc000007b blunder.


Numerous clients more than once detailed that one of the primary driver of the issue is adulterated or missing xinput1_3.dll File. Restoring a new and clean duplicate of this record may fix the mistake so that next time you dispatch the game or program it won’t toss any error. To fix this dll issue:

NOTE: Make sure to keep a duplicate the original xinput1_3.dll File in case some mishappening happens.

  • Right off the bat, you have to get a fresh xinput1_3.dll File which you can download by taping here.
  • Concentrate the document from the zip.
  • At long last, duplicate the record and glue it into a similar area where the original xinput1_3.dll File exists. The way address to the document is “C:\Windows\SysWOW64”.

This technique appears to work various occasions as detailed by numerous clients.

Technique 5: CHECK DISK

“The application couldn’t begin accurately” error is maybe because of some equipment issue particularly pertinent to the hard drive in the framework. So as to check and fix the hard circle to guarantee appropriate working without unscrewing your PC through order brief follow these means:

  • Snap on Windows icon and type “cmd”. Right snap on Command Prompt in the rundown and choose Run as director.
  • In the Command Prompt Window Type in “chkdsk c:/f/r” and hit enter. (This order would check and fix the C:/drive for potential blunders. To check another drive, supplant the letter “c” with the relating letter of that drive you wish to check and fix.)
  • Thus, adhere to on-screen guidelines to complete the procedure and fix the drive.

This would fix the issue.

FIX 0XC00007B/0XC000007B ON GTA 5

This blunder is basic when you attempt to dispatch games like GTA 5, Watch Dogs, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and so on.

We have gone through hours searching for genuine approaches to fix 0xc00007b in Windows 10. We discovered this video which has an extraordinary achievement rate. Attempt the means given in the video to fix the issue. This recordings uncommonly centers around fixing “The Application couldn’t begin accurately” on GTA V.

The AIO document talked about in the video can be downloaded from here.

You can likewise fix the blunder on GTA 5 by downloading these DLL documents and moving them to C:\Windows\System32 Folder. Make a point to remove the zip envelope before moving them to System32 organizer.


At long last, in the wake of playing out all these investigates you despite everything getting this blunder, take a stab at playing out a framework reestablish or a new establishment of Windows (taking Backup of information in advance). This would ensure this blunder won’t show up whenever you run your preferred game or program.